Activity of NGO "ForestCom" is supported by the US Forest Service International Programs

Forest Monitoring Laboratory

Aim: Identification of forest cover changes

Approach: Near real-time monitoring of forest cover by satellite, aerial and terrestrial surveys.


  1. Establishment of a of automatic monitoring system of changes in forest cover on the territory of Ukraine.

  2. Monthly assessment of forest cover losses on the territory of especially valuable forests (virgin and old-growth forests, natural and other categories of absolutely protected forests).

  3. Annual estimation of Ukrainian Carpathian forest cover losses and other territories.

  4. Periodical observation at satellite images, depending on weather conditions at the seasons (at least every two months), loss of forest cover of the Ukrainian Carpathians.

  5. Preliminary identification of forest management activities on satellite images (area, location).

  6. Terrestrial observations of the situation on ground in relation to deforestation and other forest cover changes, including the field site observations and use of drones for creation of orthophotomaps.

  7. Collection of information from volunteers on positions of illegal logging and detailed analysis of satellite images for further field trips.

  8. Publication of reports on the loss of forest and the share of illegal logging cover of the Ukrainian Carpathians and other territories.