Activity of NGO "ForestCom" is supported by the US Forest Service International Programs

Timber Identification Lab

Aim: Identification and analysis (research) of wood samples.

Approach: Application of generally accepted scientific methods for wood origin identification, including illegal logging cases and trade of wood of illegal origin


1. Identification of wood species, timber quality and, as a result, its grade by morphological, qualitative, and physical-mechanical properties of wood samples.

2. Cooperation with law enforcement agencies, the State Institute of Forensic Science and other institutions for forensic research of wood samples.

3. Study and implementation of various methods for assessing the origin of wood samples:

  • Wood Anatomy visual and microscope examinations;

  • Physical and Mechanical analysis;

  • Chemical Analysis;

  • DNA fingerprints;

  • Isotopes;

  • Spectroscopic methods, including Near‐Infrared Spectroscopy;

  • Chromatography and Spectrometry methods, including Liquid chromatography/time-of-flight/mass spectrometry (LC/TOF/MS) and others -existing capacities in Ukraine.

4. Establishment of an interregional Forensic Wood Laboratory in Lviv and conducting international case studies.