Activity of NGO "ForestCom" is supported by the US Forest Service International Programs

Forest Restoration Center

Aim: To promote dialogue between public and administrative institutions in the field of forest/tree restoration for better nature and life.

Approach: Involve active citizens, organizations, professional foresters, nature protection specialists, state administration for common actions to protect, restore, and create natural habitats and green spaces.


1. Design forest restoration projects and urban forestry, participate in their implementation.

2. Advocate for the restoration of forests in a natural way, while preserving biodiversity.

3. Promote natural regeneration and understory seedling establishment.

4. Assess the quality of reforestation and afforestation works.

5. To study the impact and assess the threats of global warming to forest and urban plantations, create plantation communities adaptable to climate change.

6. Assist nature protected areas to preserve and restore natural habitats, develop eco friendly tourism activities.

7. Prepare, implement, and review landscaping projects.

8. Restore riparian, wind protection, snow retention, anti-erosion, urban, and other high value forests.

9. Implement community and social oriented projects for improving local communities, certain society groups.

10. Involve volunteers in various assistance needed for nature protected areas, habitat restoration, general nature protection activities, and other environmental actions.