Activity of NGO "ForestCom" is supported by the US Forest Service International Programs


NGO “ForestCom” was founded in February 2020 with an intention to organize a professional team of supporters readies to play an important role in protection of valuable forests, improve the state of the environment, promote sustainable development and management of forestry, raise environmental awareness and living standards of communities, through the implementation of the best available initiatives. Our community includes experts in forestry, ecology, forest monitoring, law, sociology, urban forestry, urban landscaping, environmental education, community development, politics and other related fields. We develop and implement initiatives to protect unique natural habitats, strengthen sustainable green practices, sustainable development and national policy development to build the country in which we want to live. Since our founding in 2020, our team is growing. We develop and implement democratic ideas for a more transparent society, sustainable use of forest resources, ecosystem services that contribute to better protection of unique natural places.

We fight illegal logging and make every effort to mitigate the effects of climate change. Furthermore, we strive to build a community of like-minded people in which we respect, understand, and help each other, whose actions help to improve the forest sector in Ukraine and the environment in general. We have been determined to make even stronger impact on Forestry and other well-being sides of local Communities connected to nature. Our vision: our home planet Earth is a prosperous place where people enjoy life surrounded by rich on biodiversity beautiful nature. Our programs and activities are designed to be oriented at developing and implementing forestry and community engagement projects in and around the cities, over favorite natural landscapes, nationally, and internationally.

Our mission is to develop and implement good initiatives for positive change, for better nature and life of the Ukrainian communities and beyond involving fresh ideas, professional and science based approach, and other crosscutting concepts. ForestCom implements its mission through:

education and facilitation

civil capacity development

community oriented projects

sustainable urban and forestry initiatives

analytical and scientific projects

scientific and environmental activism partnerships

community and NGO`s partnerships


Illegal logging mitigation initiatives

  • Establishment of Forest Monitoring Lab
  • Establishment of an Independent Forest Monitoring Alert System for experts and public users (DeepForest project)
  • Establishment of Wood Identification Lab
  • Introducing Electronic Mapping of Forest Activities
  • Illegal logging estimation activities
  • Policy Developments

Sustainable Forestry initiatives

  • Climate Change Forest Adaptation (Close to Nature Oriented Forestry Concept)
  • Payment for Ecosystem Services Concept for cities
  • Managing Forests for Habitats

Community oriented initiatives

  • Social thematic oriented projects
  • Development of volunteers movement

Sustainable urban forestry initiatives include

  • Nature restoration projects
  • Tree planting for communities and conservation
  • Help city administration with urban forestry project implementation

​Education and facilitation initiatives

  • Kids education in taking care of a wildlife
  • Professional trainings in forest protection
  • Best practice dissemination of sustainable and modern forestry initiatives
  • Media education initiatives


Dmytro Karabchuk

PhD, Forestry Consultant, NGO "ForestCom" Head & CEO, Program Coordinator

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Oleh Chaskovskyy

PhD, Co-founder NGO "ForestCom", Board Member, Deputy, Head of ForestCom "Forest Monitoring Lab"

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Ihor Skolskyy

PhD, Co-Founder NGO "ForestCom", Board Memeber, consultant

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Ostap Ednak

Member, Advocacy Support Expert, CEO «DeepForest»

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Taras Kharachko

PhD, Member, Head of ForestCom "Forest Recovery Center"

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Leonid Osadchuk

Doctor of Science, Member, Head of ForestCom "Timber Identification Lab"

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Ihor Aleksiyuk

PhD, Member, Forestry Software Developer

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Nataliya Kaplya


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Olga Ivankiv

Candidate of Sciences, accountant

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Andriy Nechepurenko

Master of Information Technology Designing, System administrator NGO "ForestCom"

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Oksana Pelyukh

PhD, project manager, an expert on the economics of forest resources use

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Volodymyr Yarotsky

expert in eco education, study and protection of biodiversity

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We work with many other scientists and experts in Ukraine and around the world to implement good initiatives together. We are proud to promote stronger links between society and foresters for better sustainable community development and climate change mitigation. If you want to join us with your questions, initiatives, or make an appointment contact us.