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Deep Green Ukraine

Deep Green Ukraine
Deep Green Ukraine

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01.08.20 - 30.07.21

Ihor Aleksiyuk



Objective: Create an independent system (𝛃-version) of automatic remote monitoring of the legality of forest cover disappearance.


Project aimed at the development of the Illegal Logging and Deforestation Alert System in Ukraine (𝛃-version) based on the results of  the DeepForest Project (created 𝛂-version of the system). It is an IT-based service that will allow its users to detect potential illegal and monitor planned forest logging. The system intends to analyze satellite data on forest cover changes and compare it with open source data published by public institutions (e.g. state land use and ownership maps, forest maps, logging tickets, etc.). The service will reflect near real-time deforestation changes indicating how many forests disappeared from the forest map of Ukraine, when and where it happened, and whether there are appropriate government permits (logging tickets) for felling. 


The system is being developed on the basis of pilot regions: Kyiv, Lviv, Zakarpattia and Odessa, after which scaling to the whole of Ukraine is planned. A copy of the system is planned to be transferred to the balance of the relevant government agencies to provide administration and technical support.

The Deep Green Ukraine project is implemented jointly by Space Research Institute of the NASU and SSAU, "Authorities Monitoring Center" and "ForestCom" NGOs. 

Development of the Deep Green Ukraine system became possible as a result of winning the Open Data Challenge competition conducted within the USAID/UK aid international technical assistance project "Transparency and Accountability in Public Administration and Services/TAPAS" with the support of Ukraine’s Ministry of Digital Transformation. 

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