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Forest Guard
Forest Guard

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01.08.20 - 30.09.23

Ihor Skolskyy


Objective: to implement a program of a public organization to combat illegal logging in order to reduce the amount of illegal timber.


Within the framework of this project, our team consults activists, conducts satellite monitoring, and field verification of forest cover changes of old growth forests, as well as other forested areas that may contain signs of illegal logging. Based on the results of the conducted research and verification of the obtained data, public, law enforcement bodies and other interested parties are provided with consultations, operational legal support of landmark cases. During the project implementation, different forms of training and consultations of other stakeholders are carried out on monitoring, detection, and reporting of illegal logging.

The Activity is aimed at continuation of established NGO Combating Illegal Logging Procedure within ForestCom Forest Monitoring Lab. The concept anticipates involvement of not only public but also expert knowledge to a large extent, which is the analytic professional expertise needed to support public and law enforcement in combating illegal logging. It is based on improved public and law enforcement training as well as field research procedures on documenting illegal logging and other forest crimes, but with the inclusion of distant forest monitoring means. 

The main deliverables include reports to consulted public and state actors about suspect illegal logging cases, discovered illegal logging activities, and other forest-associated offenses (but not limited to). 


Map of ancient forests and virgin forests in the Ukrainian Carpathians

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