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01.06.20 - 31.10.20


Objective: creation of a system for remote monitoring of the legality of forest cover disappearance, which allows users to analyze satellite data and compare it with open data of state institutions (land cadastral, forest maps, logging tickets, etc.) thus revealing illegal logging and providing planned monitoring.


As a result of the project implementation, a prototype of a remote monitoring system for the legality of forest cover disappearance (𝛂-version) was created.  As of autumn 2020, the first working version has been tested on the basis of space image classification algorithms provided by the ClearCut system developed by an IT company Quantum jointly with the Society for Environmental GIS in Ukraine (SCGIS Ukraine).


Further development of the system (𝛃-version) is carried out within the framework of the next project "Deep Green Ukraine", implemented jointly by Space Research Institute of the NASU and SSAU, "Authorities Monitoring Center" and "ForestCom" NGOs.