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Leonid Osadchuk

Doctor of Science, Member, Head of ForestCom "Timber Identification Lab"

Leonid learned his PhD in 1997 and a Doctor of Science degree in 2013 in Forestry, a Member of Forestry Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

He supervises the Department of Botany, Wood Science and Non-timber Forest Resources in Ukrainian National Forestry University and works as a professor of forest commodities, forest chemistry and other non-timber products. Leonid has more than 30 years of scientific and education experience, participated in the development of state standards of Ukraine, is an author and co-author of over 100 scientific and methodical publications.

In 2015, Leonid hosted an Educational Symposium «Non-Timber Forest Products: Current State and Values in Recent Social-Ecological-Economic Context. International Perspective» at the Ukrainian National Forestry University. Leonid is developing initiatives to establish methods for identification of timber origin and other use of forest products.