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Ihor Aleksiyuk

PhD, Member, Forestry Software Developer

Ihor completed his Forestry Master degree from Ukrainian National Forestry University in 2011 and received his PhD from National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine in 2015 for applying programming solutions to forest inventory and management processes.

Ihors’ working career included experience in State Inventory Organization «Derzlisproect» and «Biological Resources of Ukraine«, as well as a State Consulting Agency «LIATS«. Ihor is one of the programming specialists that developed Electronic Timber Accounting System in Ukraine, designed a number of software applications for forest management operations including «SmallForest» indicating state forest grid system, «List of accounted trees«, «Log Volume Identification» and others.

Ihor is keen to develop further his programming skill and initiatives based on Machine Learning and «Artificial Intelligence» algorithms for further development of the transparent and modern forestry sector.