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Urban BioBird

Urban BioBird
Urban BioBird

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01.08.20 - 31.07.21

Taras Kharachko


Objective: Involve young people in the protection and increase of biodiversity in urban areas.


The project provides training and involvement of youth, the public, and volunteers in the conservation of biodiversity in settlements. This is an education oriented activity that envisages continuation of a previously successful collaboration with the schools in L’viv region to involve youth in construction and distribution of bird feeders around the city green spaces.

During implementation of the activity, the team will interact with youth educating them on different bird species that live in the city and construct at least 30 bird feeders. After the distribution, a monitoring plan of species visiting the feeders will be developed and implied together with kids.

ForestCom expert will identify the main problems with reforestation in stakeholders or groups. Prepare presentations on the issues reported in the survey, overview the existing practice of reforestation in forestry enterprises, etc. Conduct webinars on the design of reforestation, work, care for restored young forest, assessment of the quality of work.