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We announce a TENDER for the purchase of consumer kits

We announce a TENDER for the purchase of consumer kits

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Лісові ініціативи і cуспільство

The NGO "Forest Initiatives and Society" announces a tender for the purchase of food kits for the implementation of activities planned as part of the project "Ensuring the urgent humanitarian needs of IDPs aged 30 and over", which is being implemented thanks to the support of the "Union for Action" program. The implementation of these measures in cooperation with representatives of the Boryslav, Zhuravnen, Zolochiv, and Shchyretsk territorial communities of the Lviv region will make it possible to ensure the urgent humanitarian needs of some internally displaced persons (IDPs) aged 30 and over in their new places of residence.

We ask you to provide price offers for a one-time supply of identical consumer sets with containers for packing in the amount of 1,460 pcs. which include the following basic items:

— sunflower oil, 0.85 l;

— sugar, 1 kg;

— hard pasta, 1 kg;

— canned beans, 400 g;

— canned corn, 340 g;

— canned green peas, 420 g;

— rolled oat groats, 500 g;

— ground split peas, 900 g;

— wheat flour, 2 kg;

— polished long-grain rice, 1 kg;

— condensed milk, 370 g;

— black tea in bags;

— toothbrush;

— toothpaste;

- hard soap, 65 g;

— shampoo, 400 g;

— dishwashing liquid, 450 g;

— washing powder, machine, 400 gr.

In addition to the list of the specified basic range of products, if possible, please indicate a list of additional long-term storage products in the same quantity of each item, which you can additionally provide within the framework of the proposed fixed contract price.

The total cost of consumer kits must be stated including VAT and all other overhead costs, including delivery to the buyer's warehouse. VAT non-payers are also allowed to participate in the tender.

The fixed amount of the contract is UAH 916.2 thousand.

Please also add:

— copies of registration documents (Extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, Individual Entrepreneurs and Public Organizations, Taxpayer's Certificate);

— a sample of the Supply Agreement;

— bank details.

Proposals must be received no later than 6:00 p.m. on August 11, 2022. Please submit the tender proposal with the name and technical characteristics of the proposed goods to the email address with the subject of the letter "Tender_Name of the organization"

All questions regarding the tender should be sent to the email address or by phone number +380–097–54–69–720.

Criteria for selecting the tender winner:

— assortment and quantity of offered products (multiples of 1,460 pieces);

- product quality;

- expiration date;

— the possibility of delivery to the buyer's warehouse in Lviv;

— the possibility of packing consumer kits in separate paper corrugated boxes (products separately, hygiene kits separately) or biodegradable bags of appropriate quality;

— reliability/positive reputation on the market.

The winner will be chosen within three days after the end of accepting offers. We will send an answer about the results of tender one day after the winner is selected.

In case of additional clarifying questions, we will contact you additionally at the e-mail address specified in the application.

We hope for further effective cooperation.