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Be like a jay, restore the forest together with ForestCom NGO

Be like a jay, restore the forest together with ForestCom NGO

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Лісові ініціативи і cуспільство

Did you know that the jay is involved in forest restoration?

This bird, as well as other forest animals, can contribute to the restoration of natural forests. Jays also is:

✔ jays are among the smartest birds. They can remember more than 2,000 different places where they hide nuts to eat them later;

✔ can make underground food reserves. They dig holes and hide the nuts for the winter. This allows them to provide themselves with food at a time when it is not very abundant. One jay can bury up to 5,000 nuts per season;

✔ can imitate the voices of other birds and even some animals. This allows them to deceive other animals and choose safe places for themselves to live and feed.

We invite you to learn more about the jay and its role in the restoration of the natural forest at an ecological and educational event organized by the ForestCom NGO and the National Nature Park "Hutsulshchyna". On the eve of the World Day of Forests, March 20, we are calling our volunteers to the Carpathians to sow oak seeds together and join the preservation of the forest!

Registration for the event on the volunteer platform of the LIiS NGO at the link:

Contact person: Taras Kharachko, forest restoration expert of ForestCom NGO, head of the Forest Restoration Center, associate professor of the National Forestry University of Ukraine. Tel. 0 (98) 266 45 32.