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Forest Law

Forest Law
Forest Law

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31.07.20 - 30.07.21

Nataliya Kaplya


Objective: Improving State Actor capacities in strengthening legislative procedures, law enforcement, transparent decision-making and planning for, as well as sustainable use of local forest resources, transparent timber supply chain initiatives, etc.

The project envisages using existing international and personal expertise to develop and improve forestry legislative initiatives. This activity will help to increase understanding of Western models for investigation, evidence collection and prosecution of forest crimes among law enforcement agencies and others. 

The governmental institutions and professional expert groups could require assistance in developing specific legislative proposals (and creating advocacy campaign if needed) aimed at reformation or improvement of forest related legislation for better biodiversity protection, sustainable use of forest resources, management, etc. 

Among other possible ways of sharing good practices and knowledge, we work on establishment of such sub-ativities as:

  1. Implementation of international best practices and exchange of experience.

  2. Development of forestry related policy document drafts and their advocacy.

  3. Identifying the scope of illegal logging in Ukraine.



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