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Forest therapy or what are the benefits of an eco-therapy excursion?

Forest therapy or what are the benefits of an eco-therapy excursion?
Forest therapy or what are the benefits of an eco-therapy excursion?

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31.08.22 -

Volodymyr Yarotskyi

The team of the NGO "ForestCom" invites everyone to join the forest therapy during excursions guided by our experts.

Forest therapy is a world-recognized method of improving well-being, restoring emotional state, improving stress tolerance, and a form mental development and emotional intelligence.

- Firstly, it is lively interaction with wildlife, with other group members who share a love to nature, or with a nature expert. You decide for yourself which communication you prefer.

- Secondly, it’s an exploration of wildlife. Do not miss the unique opportunity to learn about the life of forest, plants, animals directly from expert, the opportunity to try yourself as a researcher.

- Thirdly, it is a good opportunity to take care of yourself. In nature, during a walk, there is a psycho-emotional recovery of a person. You become more cheerful and confident. Eco-excursions are perhaps the best means of training attention and memory. By observing the interaction between different creatures and the environment in the forest, a person trains to make comparisons, classifications, and cause-and-effect relations. In the forest, people use different senses: sight, hearing, smell, touch, and so on. This sensory activity has a positive effect on the recovery of the nervous system.

How does the excursion work?

This is an interactive walk that combines a variety of activities. The wildlife guide provides information about the forest, while the participants learn useful skills that are needed when staying in the forest (orienteering, knotting, etc.), learn how to find traces of animals by observing nature, learn and perform exercises for psycho-emotional recovery and self-support.

Clothing and equipment: You should be comfortable in the forest. So wear comfortable clothing and shoes that are appropriate for the conditions and terrain. Before each walk, our experts will advise the participants on how to prepare for the excursion.

Food: Fresh air makes you hungry. Bring sandwiches, hot drinks in a thermos, water, and your favorite treats. If you go with children, take: nuts, candies, dried fruits and berries. Hungry kids can eat them on the go.

Group format: mixed groups (adults and children), teenagers can participate on their own from their parents. We believe that a family walk in the forest together has a very good effect on family relationships. We go in small groups (up to 10 people).

You need to register in advance to take part in the excursion. At the moment, the NGO "ForestCom" cooperates with 10 Consultation and Coordination Centers (CCC) in the district military administrations of Lviv region to organize such forest therapies.  

If you would like to join these events, please fill out a short Google form, indicating one of the suggested communities in the Lviv region, or contact the nearest CCC.

Current addresses and phone numbers of the CCC of Lviv region for contacting:

Lvivskyi district:

 Peremysliany, Kovcha str., 4;

 Horodok, Maidan Haydamakiv str., 6;

 Kamianka-Buzka, Nezalezhnosti str. 27. Contact tel: 067-471-00-83;

Stryiskyi district:

 Stryi, Tarasa Shevchenka str., 59. Contact tel: 067-471-01-56;

Drohobytskyi district:

 Drohobych, 22 Sichnia Str., 28. Contact tel: 067-471-02-45;

Sambirskyi district:

 Sambir, Mazepy Str., 8/2. Contact tel: 067-471-02-98;

Zolochivskyi district:

 Zolochiv, Pachovskoho Str., 7.  Contact tel: 067-471-03-29;

Chervonohradskyi district:

 Chervonohrad, Shevchenka str., 15. Contact tel: 067-471-03-34;

Yavorivskyi district:

 Yavoriv, Shashkevycha str., 1a.  Contact tel: 067-471-03-44;

 Novoyavorivsk, Shevchenka str. 1. Contact tel: 067-471-06-30.

The event is subject to the condition that groups of 10 participants are completed. The time, date and location of the forest therapy will be communicated to each registered participant separately.


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