Activity of NGO "ForestCom" is supported by the US Forest Service International Programs

Institutional development of CSOs

Institutional development of CSOs
Institutional development of CSOs

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01.03.21 - 31.12.21

Dmytro Karabchuk


Objective: to raise awareness of organizational development and to promote the institutional capacity building of the CSO network in Ukraine, which cooperates with the Office of International Programs of the US Forest Service and other environmental NGOs.


The project involved a series of webinars / trainings, during which CSO representatives have the opportunity to deepen their knowledge and improve the skills needed to develop / update strategies, internal policies and procedures for their CSOs.


The training course consists of 9 online activities, each of which includes 2 webinars at the beginning and end of the session, which will last from one to three weeks. During the first webinar, participants are given tasks in accordance with the theme of the event and have time to prepare a document, a policy. During the second - discuss the developed documents, policies and improve them.

List of internal policies necessary for the effective operation of organizations:

  1. Strategic plan

  2. Communication strategy

  3. Fundraising strategy

  4. Financial and accounting policy

  5. Personnel management policy

  6. Volunteer management policy

  7. Policy on business trips of members and employees of the organization

  8. Internal control policy

  9. Policy on procurement of goods, works and services



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