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Humanitarian aid for IDPs in the Zolochiv community

Humanitarian aid for IDPs in the Zolochiv community

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Лісові ініціативи і cуспільство

71 internally displaced Ukrainians in the Zolochiv community received humanitarian aid during the last meeting.

We visited the displaced people who live in this community three times. During this time, we remembered everyone, were inspired by their personal stories. The challenges faced by our fellow citizens due to the war did not break them. Lust for life, benevolence and cheerfulness, the hope of returning home are what continue to radiate from their eyes.

The event was implemented within the framework of the project "Ensuring the urgent humanitarian needs of IDPs aged 30 and over" with the support of the "Unity for Action" program. In total, during three meetings with IDPs in the Zolochiv community, the LIiS NGO team handed over 185 aid packages.

This is the last stage of the project, but not the last humanitarian initiative of the ForestCom NGO, which supports those who are currently vulnerable and most in need of help to continue living.