Activity of NGO "ForestCom" is supported by the US Forest Service International Programs

Oleh Chaskovskyy

PhD, Co-founder NGO "ForestCom", Board Member, Deputy, Head of ForestCom "Forest Monitoring Lab"

Oleh has a PhD in Forestry (Remote Sensing) and is experienced in Forest Research and Education near 30 years. He is a DAAD scholar to the University of Freiburg and fluent in German.

Oleh has extensive experience in national and international scientific GIS literature review, he published a book and many scientific articles (including world leading) related to GIS, forestry, and forest cover change identification including illegal logging monitoring. His latest projects participation include «DIABOLO» of «Horizon 2020«, Forest Watch of WWF. He is QGIS training course developer and very well-known professional trainer for GIS in forestry at Ukrainian National Forestry University, State Forest Resources of Ukraine Centre of Training, various nature protected area institutions.

Oleh is involved in near real time forest monitoring initiatives including analysis of satellite images, and other remote sensing means, implementation of GIS in forestry mapping projects.